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Conversation/Benefit CategoryDescriptionExamples
Reduce Software and Hardware Cost Consolidation, Capex to OpexReduce complexity and consolidate to single best-of-  suite platform vs. buying standalone for different  capabilities•Elimination of cost for on-prem HW & SW •System consolidation •Elimination of cost for 3rd party solutions •Elimination of helpdesk cost
Reducing cost of Doing BusinessReduce onboarding and role orienteering cost, toll  charges, T&E, office space, business user equipment,  cost for external business partners•Reduction of onboarding and role orienteering cost •Reduction of toll charges (to business) •Reduction of cost for equipment, T&E, and office space •Elimination of cost for external business partners
IT Administration and Deployment efficienySimplify and automate IT operations, avoid low-value  admin tasks, and re-deploy IT staff to value-add business  enablement•Removal of on-prem administration and operations •Reduction of admin. efforts by consolidation of IT landscape •Elimination of low-value activities and automation of  repetitive tasks
Reduced Financial Impact of RisksIncrease security posture and reduce exposure,  translating into avoided cost for mitigation, remediation  and brand damage•Lowering cost of risk by increase of security posture •Avoidance future cost for mitigation or remediation
Business User Productivity and Process Automation (AI)Enable a secure and seamlessly integrated hybrid  workplace leading to less disruptions and better  productivity for business users•Increase users’ inclusion, motivation and engagement •Increase end-users’ productivity on their core tasks •Avoid media breaks and technology-caused disruptions
Realization Financial Impact of Business Opportunities Help employees to thrive and unlock their full potential  with technology and data, which leads to increased  employee engagement and sales outcome.•Fasten decision making time and time-to-market •Improve customer retention and sellers’ close rates

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