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Today, analytics and AI are the great equalizer, where smaller organizations can create big presence and big companies can create intimate connections. In a study conducted by Escape on AI Maturity, 97% of organizations are evaluating the work AI could do – or augment humans to do. The opportunity for data, analytics and AI at scale is limitless in a world on unknowns. Data and AI provides unlimited opportunity and major competitive advantage.

While many organizations dream in AI, Escape helps make that real, helping you wring every ounce of value out of your data. Capabilities from robotic process automation to business analytics, to predictive, data visualizations, data warehousing and more help bring unprecedented insights to life and maximize the value of data and business impact.

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Advanced analytics

As a leading digital innovator and integrator of Microsoft data and analytics solutions, we have the depth of experience and breadth of service to get you where you want to be – fast.

Using the power of the cloud and the Microsoft ecosystem, we’ll address your business challenges with insights that haven’t been possible until now. We’ll identify and connect multiple data sources, integrate legacy systems, and use open-source Microsoft components to handle complex workloads.

Avanade’s advanced analytics expertise includes:

Over 3,500 analytics professionals worldwide
More than 1,000 data engineers
Analytics systems implemented for more than 550 clients
400 AI practitioners
Over 300 cognitive service experts
4,200-plus automation experts
6,000 automations delivered for 350 clients – and counting

Human-centered AI

Intelligent Customer Engagement

20% to 30% cost reduction and 30% to 50% productivity gain through automation, personalization and intervention

Intelligent Revenue Growth

1% to 3% brand uplift through predictive marketing, personalization and recommendations

Intelligent Supply Chain

50% to 70% productivity improvement and 99% reduction in errors across manufacturing, logistics, distribution and warehouse

Intelligent Patient Services

3% to 5% topline growth and 40% to 50% productivity gain through automation, rapid insights and targeted intervention

intelligent automation

A step by step approach to intelligent automation
While robotic process automation will simplify your business, implementing and managing it takes expertise. Adding capabilities that enable your organization to automatically interpret data and return results is the next level, enabling you to get quick wins and ROI. Our proprietary IP and tools help ensure the smoothest path to automation success. We help you on your intelligent automation journey with:

Rapid cost takeout: We’ll start you on a process automation journey that begins by prioritizing quick wins to deliver immediate ROI.

Enable Employees: We’ll help you identify opportunities to shift employees to higher-value processes for your organization.

Optimize technology: Then we’ll help you build a strong foundation for broader automation.

Operational transformation: And, finally, we’ll help make your automated enterprise a reality.