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Current partners

Microsoft Cloud accelerate partner, Bizspark
Oracle Surfray Computer Associates
Escape Business Solutions, is looking to expand their reach to new sectors markets and business opportunities. For that reason, we are looking to partner, collaborate and aquire friendly business relations with businesses all
around the globe, involved in IT, Business, Marketing and Music/Entertainment activities.
We believe that partnering is the way to go, and in that partnership we have
to offer a wide range of expertise in allaspects of business activity.
We also believe that healthy partnerships nurture
sucessfull projects, happy clients and create repeat business for all companies in this partnership.
If you are interested in expanding your horizons and in creating new opportunities for your company or yourself, contact us to discuss further details of possilbe cooperation. We are ready to outsource your product or professional services and believe you feel the same way. Its a win-win situation where a web of professional services can be built that can have a much wider client horizon and strong/competitive market presence.
We are actively looking for partners to expand our range of services to a wider audience both in Sharepoint Development and Project Management and in related technologies such as Business Intelligence and CRM 4.0 among others. If you are a company or a freelancer interested in collaborating with us please contact us to get in touch and arrange a discussion about how we could bring together a better Microsoft experience for big and small enterprises.
Email us your business proposal (or CV) at