Desktop Solutions

Desktop Solutions
Escape has deep experience developing Microsoft Windows-based desktop applications. We describe some of these Windows desktop-application project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you
Windows 7 Develpment

Why to consider Windows Phone 7 development?
Microsoft® Windows Phone 7 is a mobile platform with a quarter of enterprise users market share in USA. Microsoft® based applications like Outlook, Internet Explorer and Microsoft office provide a consistent experience in using Windows Phone 7 and desktop Windows operating system applications. Microsoft’s partnership with mobile manufacturers like HTC and their investment in pushing this technology and their optimistic forecast creates a great opportunity for businesses to reach out Microsoft® Windows Phone 7 users by their applications.
Windows Phone 7 development services
As an important mobile operating system and considering the enterprise usage of Windows Phone 7, supporting this platform and developing apps have become a priority at ArtaTechs Software Inc.
Our team not only delivers Windows Phone 7 apps by following software development lifecycle (SDLC) standards, but also it engineers them to make users experience a simple but intuitive interface. Our extensive experience in .NET development plays a very important role in producing Windows Phone based applications.
Some of our Windows Phone 7 application development services for enterprise and non-enterprise solutions include: Social apps Utilities Navigation Location based Sound and video Messaging Shopping
We utilize Microsoft .NET library dedicated for Windows Phone 7 devices along with our team’s knowledge in C# and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to provide scalable, quality and groundbreaking Windows Phone 7 applications. All team members follow an internal “rule number one” in implementing the code of apps by making sure that the code is modular, layered and easy-to-develop in the future.
If you are looking for a Windows Phone 7 app development solution, contact us today and let us know your requirements. We will get back to you within a business day.
Windows 8 Development

Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate introduce the latest operating system technology and software development platforms for use by app developers and enterprises worldwide. As part of further enhancing the security, reliability, performance, and user experience of Windows, Microsoft has introduced many new features, improved existing features, and removed others. While the goal of Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate is to stay highly compatible with most of their respective apps written for previously released operating systems, some compatibility breaks are inevitable due to innovations, tightened security, and increased reliability. Overall, the compatibility of Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate with existing apps is high.