Media and Marketing Services

Media and Marketing Services

Escape is also marketing services and creative graphic designing company with a goal to provide professional and high quality design services to small and medium businesses around the world.

. This graphic designing company has grown to five hundred employees, located in two studios, who provide creative graphic design solutions to a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and nature.

Escape Media and Marketing services was created in 2004 as a graphic design firm to make it easy for small and medium businesses to access professional and high quality design services.

our design team

Creativity, passion and a drive for perfection motivate our team of experienced designers and project managers to produce high quality projects on time. Our team works hard and gives 200% to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our designers have extensive experience in advertising and marketing communications and have delivered creative projects for over a hundred thousand small businesses in the United States alone.

Inkzoo is a great place to work. Our studios are vibrant and buzzing with energy. We believe that we need to create the right environment for our creative team to help them produce the best for you!

the Escape advantage

Whether you are a startup enterprise or an established business, an effective advertising and marketing strategy is the key to your growth and success. At Inkzoo, we specialize in the graphic design business and offer a complete set of creative services to provide your business with the best identity and maximum exposure within your budget. Not many graphic designing companies offer this advantage.

Working with us is simple and easy. We have designed our service with our customers in mind. You can use to order your project, give us a brief and upload your materials. Your project will be delivered back to you in less than 48 hours.

We have the following Online Marketing Products(Click On Product To Know Details)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services
  • Brand Monitoring Campaigns
  • Your Social Media Quotient (SMQ)& Influence (SMI)
  • Blogging Services
  • FBML Customized Solutions
  • Facebook Live Feeds Integration
  • QR codes
  • Your SMQ Quality Audit reports
  • Discussion Forums
  • SEO & Social Bookmarking
  • Offline marketing Solutions
  • Geo Location based target marketing
  • Mobile Integrated SMM
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns


Online Marketing Social Media Monitoring SMM YOur Smq  Quotient
Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

We provide complete Social Media Marketing campaign services using our unique “ROADMAP” strategy under our flagship Brand of “Your SMQ – Social Media Quotient” in a phased manner across multiple online platforms. This includes the step by step process of understanding Your Organizational & Brand Requirements, Planning the right medium, channel, platform for Your Brand / Product, then going ahead with the customized Social Media Monitoring & Marketing Campaign design, Implementing, Tracking & Measuring the same with constant Value added services in a continuous phased manner.
Our SMM campaigns have been tested & successfully implemented across Industries and countries. This online marketing Service includes the complete SMM campaign with all our services that are mentioned below. This is your complete single point campaign solution for creative Marketing to suit all your technology integrated marketing needs.

Brand Monitoring Reputation Management
Brand Monitoring Campaigns Its very essential to be not only present online but also keep track of your Brand mentions online. The rule is simple, “If you have a BRAND, someone’s already talking about you” So make sure you are part of the conversation prism. The idea is to Humanize Your brand. Our belief here is: Brands today have a much larger & more responsible role to play, that is to connect with the consumer within. Online reputation management in terms of Brand Monitoring is an important aspect of any online marketing campaign today.

Your SMQ social Media Quotient Online Influence SMI Online Marketing
Your Social Media Quotient (SMQ)& Influence (SMI) Let’s say We need to make a purchase. It might be a product for daily use or a Corporate solution product or institutional bulk industrial purchase. Today the first place we look is across Websites, search engines, social networking sites, discussion forums etc before we actually make the purchase. Reviews, opinions from our peers, friends play a much more important role than a celebrity brand endorsement. A powerful Social Media Quotient analysis (SMQ) and Social Media Influence (SMI) measurement and tracking helps you target and reach those influencer’s and connect with them for a fruitful Online reach globally and locally. No wonder the ‘mantra’ for today goes ‘GLO-CAL’ as in, Go Global & think Local.

Blogging services Brand Product online Marketing
Blogging Services Blogs today are the voice of an organization and its reach massively increasing across Industries and consumers. The power of Blogs today to interact with the consumer has resulted in a basic need for an Organization of any size to have its own Blog. The idea is to not only reach the target consumers but also to increase your SEO and Brand Building in the process.

Facebook Customised Pages
FBML Customized Solutions Well, when its beyond 650 Million members, you need to make sure you are there too. That’s right, why just create a Group or a Page that’s going to look like a brochure when you can have a real time conversation with your clients, prospects & connect with them at a much quicker pace. Get Product/Brand/Industry customized FBML Solutions to have a Facebook Fan Page that speaks your BRANDs language.

Facebook Live Feeds Integration Why not, You have invested Your resources both time (People) & money in building a powerful presence across Social Networking sites like Facebook. This content forms part of your Organization and Brands valuable Intellectual property in terms of content too. Reuse this content and integrate these conversations on Your websites too. Pump up your SEO, SEM, SMQ and improvise your sites connect & interactivity much more with the power of sites like Facebook conversations.

qr code mobile scanner app
QR codes Oh, yes, Mobile technology integrated with Marketing does wonders for Your everyday brand. Imagine using the Power of todays Smartphone technologies like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, Ovi etc to leverage your Brand reach, connect and at the same time giving users a fun way to talk to your brand. This is the technology of tomorrow well tested from our end for Your eager consumers of today. Make sure its implemented the right way.

measuring social media ROI
Your SMQ Quality Audit reports Your Social Media Quotient Quality Audit report is a one of a kind integrated power house of information resource about metrics that goes beyond hits and traffic. It is Brand metrics to the core generated by our Social Media Team in-house. Right from the Top keywords to the most influential sections and campaign phrases that do wonders, brand mentions that need to be immediately addressed, Brand shares that were well received, get such insightful in-depth analysis to evaluate and further value add to Your Online Marketing campaigns for Social Media Monitoring & Brand reputation management including for your Viral Marketing campaigns and SEO services from our end.

Discussion Forums
Discussion Forums When you have a product that needs lot of initial or continuous assistance, get your customers to interact with you on an online platform where their queries are resolved immediately, FAQ’s cleared instantly and wherein you leave no air for an irate customer. Thus the keyword here being immediately.

Search Engine Optimization SEO
SEO & Social Bookmarking For any website, the most basic and important requirement is for it to be richly indexed across search engines. The power of SEO thus has to be compulsorily part of your website page and profile. At the same time the SEO of today needs to be just like the search engines, live in real-time. A good website needs to have original content with properly planned and structured web pages across multiple platforms and social networking sites today. This will help to leverage the right indexing for each of your web page content. And with the power of Google search going social & tracking more feeds across websites in real-time why have a website that’s just SEO rich? Let your online profiles do the trick across search engines too. Thats right, we can help you to pool in the power of Social Bookmarking, SEO, Blog Keyword metrics all into one power packed SEO tool for your Brands website.

Offline Marketing Solutions
Offline marketing Solutions We love traditional media too and we understand certain technology challenges for a group of demographics, products and users. Most importantly we love traditional marketing campaigns as much as you do. So lets get together and pool in a creative offline marketing campaign with a physical platform for Your Offline users to feel and interact with your brand.

Geo Location based target marketing
Geo Location based target marketing In the age of mobile integrated internet technology tools, there has been a great need to instantly gratify a customer and in turn receive the gift of your Brand promotion and positioning at the same time by the end user. Geo location based target marketing campaigns from our end does exactly the same for our clients & their consumers. This has revolutionized the way users talk about brands.

Mobile Marketing Services Mobile Scanner
Mobile integrated SMM Integrating both the Geo-location based target marketing and the new age media mobiles powered with social tools to promote your brand and measure your ROI at the same time is what mobile integrated SMM is all about.

Viral Emailer Campaigns
Viral Marketing Campaigns Want to reach your customers for a referral program, invite them for a special event, inform them of the new updates, Brand Building messages, inform them about your entry into Social Media Monitoring Connect for them to easily reach you, then send them Creative emailer campaigns that do more than just a click. Reach us to know how the age old Viral marketing campaigns are powered by us with new age media tracking tools with creative flexibility that lets you manage your customers database with so much ease and at the same time generates an automated Customer analysis report to understand better about their preferences online.