Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development
When it comes to Mobile Development, you should look no further than Escape to illuminate the path towards mastering the mobile space. We have the most talented developers to give you the best in Mobile Application Development, Mobile Game Development and Mobile Web Development.

Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 Mobile Application Development


Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s new smartphone OS with a revolutionary user interface and powerful social features. Poised to storm the present smartphone market, Microsoft offers developers like us a brilliant platform for development — in the form of the Windows Phone 7 SDK. The Escape team of talented Windows Phone 7 Developers has already begun dreaming up the first generation of hit WP7 applications and games.
Windows Phone 7 Software development at Escape is a very precise and client-centric process. Our talented designers and developers routinely meet and exceed expectations. For a look into the nitty gritty of our entire development process, be sure to click through here.
We are currently working on some great new projects for the platform, getting them ready for the Windows Phone Marketplace. For more details about our Windows Phone 7 app development services, use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

iPhone Mobile Application Development


Escape has been at the frontier of iPhone Software development since the very beginning. We offer you the best services in iPhone Application Development,iPhone Game Development and iPhone Web Development.

Android Mobile Application Development


Escape has been developing for Android since the birth of the platform. As this powerful mobile and tablet-friendly OS gains an ever-widening foothold among hardware manufacturers, Escape is well placed with technical expertise and design chops that run the gamut of Android apps and games development. With incredible on-demand capacity and a stable of engineers and designers specializing exclusively in Android, we are the largest Android software development company in the world.
The Escape process begins and ends with the client. From first contact and discussion of your idea through to final release on the Android Market, everything we do is client-centered. For a deeper look into the nitty gritty of our entire development process, be sure to click through here.

Extraordinary talent, a passion for experimentation, superlative academic and technical credentials. From iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry to Facebook, the Web and beyond, our engineers create feature-rich, rock solid applications that generate incredible user loyalty.

Compelling, love-at-first-sight interfaces and killer graphical chops are the Escape trademark. Our award winning design team produces finely polished user experiences – from distinctive app icons to every swipe, tap and flick of the finger.

Escape is the largest, most sought after mobile apps development house in the world. Signing with Escape to develop your next application or game instantly puts over 300 dedicated programmers and interface designers behind your project – full time – all the time. On demand, we’ll get the ball rolling with just a week’s notice.

Since 2007 we’ve released over 300 mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Palm. Along the way, we’ve navigated almost every imaginable launch scenario, gaining unrivaled experience, media exposure, and privileged access to platform providers like Apple and Google. Escape knows publishing each way to Sunday.

While killer mobile apps are our bread and butter, Escape also specializes in powerful websites and Web apps – either on their own or as part of a suite. We have years of experience developing for clients from the Fortune 500 to small startups. Let’s find the right mix of platforms and services for your unique timetable and budget.

Signing the paperwork is just the beginning of your collaboration with Escape. Our development systems – based on the wildly effective Agile methodology – ensure rapid, tangible results you’ll go hands on with each step of the way. From early internal builds to final public release, the entire process is people-centered, with client participation built into every level.